Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Back in the Day

This is really funny. Well... if you're a Photoshop user, this is really funny. I just saw this on the blog of my friend Miki... who is a super-talented photographer in Phoenix. Here's a depiction of what Photoshop was like before the advent of computers.
This was created by an art agency in Indonesia called Bates 141 Jakarta. Creative Director--Hendra Lesmono, Art Directors Andreas Junus and Irawandhani Kamarga.

I'm very happy I live in the age of computers. Though, they will never take the place of a hand-made look. Every medium has its place.

Miki's Blog: click

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Sunday, March 8, 2009


I just saw this posted over on Notcot.org. Gorgeous work by photographer August Bradley. On first glance, these photos look more like intricate paintings than actual photography. The detail, emotions, and settings are fantastic and so well thought out. They are stunning works of art.

Bradley purposely blurs this line. He was quoted on mymodernmet.com as saying ‘The photographic style of the collection evolves from theatrical yet personalized portraits to fashion photography, so the style of the image making evolves with the theme from personal limitations to imagination and aspirational fantasy." and , "It's helpful to go out of the literal realm of photography, to leave the boundaries we typically view the world from within."