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Good design requires a hefty amount of research, followed by serious analysis, and the bravery to ignore convention and follow your gut.


My background is in communications & design. From brand creation, and rejuvenation to packaging design, events and promotions. I have a passion for what I do and a true love of design. I believe in developing great client relationships and working toward a common goal, and I aim to continuously exceed expectations.

Nori Studios, LLC was founded in 2005 by Beth Nori – a designer with a background in integrated communications, branding, website and packaging design. Nori Studios, LLC is a sole-proprietorship. We hire the best people to meet the needs of each project, thereby keeping overhead low, but creativity high.

Clients include:

Spring Design Partners | Shear Partnership | HMS Design | Hughes Design Group | Shazamm | Blue Lime | Forward Industries | The Center for Emotional Marketing | TEREX | Mutti | Product Ventures

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