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Nori Studios has helped to revitalize, relaunch, and redesign some fantastic brands. Whether you need overall brand development for a new product, or a refresh of a current brand, we are here to help. We partner with you to create
a brand that works for the client, the category and the consumer.


Do you have a fantastic marketing plan that needs to be brought to life? We can make it sing. From mood boards, to pack-cepts for consumer testing, to a design roadmap, we will work to make sure your vision becomes a reality


We have been lucky to work with some outstanding CPG brands. Our expertise runs across the board: food & beverage, private label, medical supplies, and personal care. We love a challenge. But our biggest goal, is not to win design awards (though we have!)... It is to create the best design for you and your consumers.


We are always looking for a special organization to partner with and offer our services. We want to work with non-profits that we believe in and we want to help you achieve your goals. Our goal is to give back and use our talents to do so.

Contact us if you think we are a good fit!

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